Creative conception, Screenplay:  Melissa Pocek

Story editing by Melissa Pocek, Kali Winkler, Brendan Stephens
Photography and Editing: Old Abbot

I came up with the creative conception for this video, wrote the screenplay, and produced the below video. I worked in conjunction with the talented Old Abbot Production and Zipcar’s Art Director.

Google (we’re guessing you’ve heard of ’em) is always doing something to make cities better places to live — whether it’s building the next driverless car, turning old payphones into Wi-Fi hotspots, or creating a virtual reality game like Ingress. Dreamed up by Niantic Labs (a startup within Google), Ingress takes gaming to a new level, fostering a community of gamers who might ordinarily play indoors and teaming them up with new friends to tackle complex, real-time, and super fun challenges online and off.

Want in? There are anomalies (Ingress’s term for free, in-real-life, multiplayer events) happening all the time. Don’t worry if you’re new — watch our video of Ingress players in Minneapolis nabbing clues and cracking creative puzzles and you’ll be up to speed in no time.



I wrote the screenplay, directed, and produced the below video. I worked in conjuncture with the talented Fremont East Studios’ videographers and editors and the Creative Director at Zipcar.

Back in its heyday, Downtown Las Vegas was the place to be for glitz, glamour, and — of course — gambling. Then the ‘70s hit, and the shiny lights of the newly developed Strip pushed the former central business district out of the limelight. Downtown Las Vegas remained underappreciated for decades with high crime rates, crumbling casinos, and a sadly tarnished image. That is, until recently, when entrepreneur Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, swooped in to fund a revitalization of the area through the Downtown Project.

Today, Downtown Las Vegas (DTLV) is a startup’s paradise, a bustling community HQ for entrepreneurs and passionate industry players in fashion, food, music, and tech. Join startup company Tech Cocktail as they walk us through what’s on the horizon and share how they work it, Vegas-style.


Additional Videos

Green Couch Sessions

I worked in conjunction with the talented Noravera Visuals and Zipcar’s Creative Director. Creative Conception and screenplay: Melissa Pocek If you’re ever in Vancouver and spy a Zipcar pickup with a groovy green couch in tow, you’re not witnessing a move, but a movie. Well, a music video series, to be exact, featuring awesome bands rocking out on one of the most famous furniture pieces around. Find out how the guerilla music video project began, plus sneak a peek at the latest Green Couch Session.

Chicago ROTI

Creative conception, screenplay, and story editing by Melissa Pocek
Photography and Editing: Tim Klein

Chicagoans are never far from a world-class meal, but Roti Mediterranean Grill came up with a way to get their delicious fare a little further: Zipvan. What started as a single café in the Windy City grew into 19 locations in CHI, NYC, and DC. Using wheels when you want them to deliver meals when you want them? Nice. Roti shows just one example of a small business doing big things by using smart transportation. Watch and drool (just not on your keyboard).

Compostwheels Turns Trash into Treasure

Creative conception, screenplay: Melissa Pocek
Story editing: Zipcar Creative Director and Melissa Pocek
Film by Frame 88

Composting is something many of us would love to do if we weren’t grossed out by the thought of keeping organic waste (ahem) in the backyard. Luckily, Compostwheels in Atlanta doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty in the name of urban sustainability. In return for your eggshells and banana peels, they produce neatly-packed, nutrient-rich soil to help make local farms thrive. Oh, and they prevent upwards of 6,000 lbs of organic waste from ending up in landfills each month. Check out the soil-making magic.

Money Think

Creative conception, screenplay: Melissa Pocek
Story editing: Zipcar Creative Director and Melissa Pocek
Film by Tim Klein

Twenty-four year old Ted Gonder wants to even the odds for future generations. As the co-founder of Moneythink, he recruits and trains college volunteers to serve as

peer-advisers to low-income, urban high school students. Their program for 11th and 12th graders focuses on teaching financial literacy and giving these students tools to make smart, real-world financial decisions.

Awesome Orchestra

(Creative Conception, wrote screenplay, and edited video)

I came up with the creative conception for this video, wrote the screenplay, and edited the below videos. I worked in conjunction with the talented Werehaus and Zipcar’s Creative Director.

If you hear the word “symphony” and picture tuxedo’ed players in a pit, you’re not alone. That’s what makes San Francisco’s Awesöme Orchestra so, well, awesome. Far from the traditionally stuffy opera house scene, Awesöme Orchestra is casual and open to all — no auditions or owned instruments necessary. Instead, pipes, horns, strings, and drums are brought in and loaned out as needed (that’s where Zipvans come in), and anyone, regardless of experience, is welcome to play, or just listen in. Musical selections are unconventional, too, ranging from Beethoven to Björk, and Debussy to Daft Punk. Sneak a peak.